A Man's Passion

Growing up in Sabah which is blessed with an abundance of Fresh and Exotic fruits, Datuk Richard Gunting has always been a strong supporter of local fresh produce. Coupled with his Passion for Ice Creams has resulted in the birth of VEDABLU after travelling to most parts of the world searching for the finest Ice Cream recipe's and with the many years of formulating the perfect Ice Cream for everybody to indulge. 

Creating the Brand

The Name VEDABLU is not just a name, as it reflects the whole soul of our company for what it stands for as well as where it all began.

The word VEDA was derived from the word "Verde" which in Italian means "GREEN". This particular word was chosen to reflect the freshness as well as the use of only Natural ingredients as part of our Ice Cream recipes. 

The word BLU on the other had was derived from the word "Mt. Kinabalu" which is used as a symbol to reflect Sabah which is blessed by Mother Nature with some of the finest nature, where it all started.