Made by Ice Cream Lovers for Ice Cream Lovers

Once upon a time in a land called North Borneo, Vedablu was founded by a group of passionate people who has all the LOVE for Ice Creams. They travelled the world to discover the origins of ice creams and taste the best there were as well as to learn the different recipes which were handed down from generations to generations.

Through their journeys, they've learnt the different techniques and recipes in producing the best ice cream. Being equipped with the knowledge and know-hows, they finally decided make the ultimate All Natural Premium Ice Cream using only the finest Natural Ingredients that North Borneo was blessed with by Mother Nature.

It was an instant Hit! The well balanced smooth and creamy texture as well as the rich and authentic taste of pure indulgence was a favorite among the many. Not only that, but the fact that it uses all natural ingredients as well as it was freshly produced daily made it a local favorite.

Since then, VEDABLU has been a favorite to many Ice Cream Connoissuers not only locally but also across seas and beyond.